Thursday, July 8, 2010

AB1998 - Bye Bye Single Use Plastic Bags!

Main Entry: 1plas·tic
Pronunciation: \ˈplas-tik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin plasticus of molding, from Greek plastikos, from plassein to mold, form
Date: 1632

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Can we mold or form our habits to NOT use plastic bags because of our addiction to convenience? Research indicates that plastic has at least the same shelf life as a Twinkie and possibly a longer half-life than uranium. The truth is nobody knows how long it takes for plastic to completely biodegrade, nobody has been around long enough to witness it. Either way, you should get the picture, it is not a good thing. (Please do not tell me about the jobs it creates...i have already lost my voice screaming and may have to resort to exaggerated twitching which can get very ugly). Even partially starch based biodegradable plastic will have done the damage to marine life by the time it breaks down in five months.

So what the heck is a person to do? For starters, just take a reusable bag with you to the store. Always. Have one with you at all times, whether you are on bike, bus, foot, train, taxi, car or airplane....just like a tampon, they can be small and tucked away. (Yes, tampons without a plastic insertion thingamajigee).

Are you completely devastated by the BP oil spill and find yourself posting about it on Social Networking sites, wishing you could stuff Wall Street Bankers, BP CEO's or Sarah Palin down the pipe? Well, plastic bags need petroleum to be produced. Enough said.

Keep yourself up to date on AB1998 - A bill started by Assembly Member Julia Brownley of Santa Monica.

Check out the below to take action and educate yourself more:

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