Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bike Paths

The 10th Annual Los Angeles River Ride is coming up in June! Come out and enjoy a bike ride and support organizations that advocate for cycling in the city! Depending on what you consider a bicycle to be, the first precursor to a bicycle called a celerifere was invented in 1790 in France, the second which you used your feet to push off the ground was invented in 1818 in Germany, the last form which utilized petals and cranks was invented in France circa 1860-1861. Riding a bike is not only fun and great for mental and physical health, but a way to get around in this congested city. People all over the world use bicycles as a form of getting from point A to point B, C, D and so on. Come out for the LA River ride and support organizations who are working to make the streets accessible and safe for those who use these two wheeled inventions to move about! 

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