Sunday, August 1, 2010


One of the reasons I love being at the River is the confluence of lovely people. Sitting on the River I met Inouk Demers. If you are interested in water policy please take a look at Inouks' project called Conveyance. Inouk is a sound artist who has undertaken this fabulous project surrounding water policy specific to Los Angeles. Just a little thing I learned from Inouk, who is from Canada, is that one of the aspects of NAFTA states that water is a natural resource which can be traded as a commodity. Another interesting consideration: Do you know how many days a human being can live without drinking water? After a little research, this is what i found considering variables in climate: 120 degrees Fahrenheit gives you 2 days while temperatures between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit allows you 10 days...and you best be in shade!

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MS.H said...

I love this! Writing an article regarding Los Angeles and H20 issues too.